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Burn Permits

Help Prevent Wildfires  

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Tax Information. . .

Township residents can now view updated information about their property taxes through an arrangement with Pontem Software.  Simply click on the link "Online Tax Information" on the menu bar above and follow the instructions.  Use the back arrow on your browser to return to our Home page.


Watch this space for future events.


Welcome to the Clement Township Home Page


The Clement Township Board of Trustees has embarked on an effort to keep the voters of Clement Township aware of activities, events, news-worthy items and developments in a timely manner.  The natural selection for this emerging technology is having a presence on the internet.

Our web site includes information about the board, a perpetual calendar and a contact page which will allow residents and property owners to keep in touch with their representatives.  You can even subscribe to a newsletter (on the contact page) to be advised of important events, meetings, and dates. 

Information about the township is about to become a two-way street.  Rumors can be laid to rest and factual information obtained.  This is a collaborative effort on the part of the township board and we hope you find it interesting, accurate and useful.

Take a few minutes to browse through our entire site.  See if you can find a page about the Fire Department or one with links to the different agencies of the State of Michigan.  Notice also that a series of informational containers can be found on the left side of the page by scrolling down. These containers are labeled "WhatsNew". "CurrentNews", and "RecentEvents".

Dial-up users may find the transitions a bit slow.  High-speed users will definitely enjoy the view.  Be sure to make our site one of your "Favorites".  Come often, you'll be glad you did.